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Casein Vs Whey Protein – Which one is Better for Muscle Growth?


Casein Vs Whey – Which one is Better?     Whey & Casein protein are the two most popular protein sources in the market. These are two types of protein found in dairy products: Casein and Whey protein. Thirty-eight percent of the solid matter in milk is made of protein, in which 80 percent is Casein and 20 percent is whey. Some […]

Why Good Protein Foods are the Secret Behind Muscle Growth


GOOD PROTEIN FOODS?   Protein foods is an essential macro nutrient, for providing muscle growth to the human body. Macro nutrients are the most important nutrients, which are body needs for a healthy life, i.e carbohydrates, proteins and fats, from which protein really plays an important role for muscle building. Protein is a nutrient found […]