Do you Really think Amir Khan Transformation for Dangal is Natural?

amir khan transformation for dangal

Is Amir Khan Transformation for Dangal is Natural or Not?


Amir Khan transformation for Dangal has broken the record of many of the previous transformations in the Indian fitness industry.

Every YouTuber and blogger is covering this hot topic in their own way.

I was thinking of writing about this topic a long time ago but due to some important tasks, I couldn’t be able to find the time.

Finally after my careful research about this man’s dedication to his work & passion to do something different, every time he comes as a big surprise.

Back in 2008 also, this man surprised everyone with his massive 1-year transformation.

I was really motivated that time too because it was something which is an impossible task for a 43-year-old guy to perform.

Now back in 2016, he surprised again with a huge accomplishment, which any normal fitness guy would never be able to dream of a 51-year-old man.



Amir’s body condition before he went for the transformation 



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This transformation is not so simple as it is seeming for everyone.

It’s so easy for everyone to just point out any guy that he is using anabolics that’s why he has transformed.

They didn’t know the Dedication, Disciplined, Hard work & Passion which this guy has gone through.

It is just because of lack of knowledge about certain basic principles of fitness, which people don’t understand.

These are some points which tell about Amir’s body condition before going for this transformation.

Let’s discuss them one by one as follows:-


  • Started his Fitness Journey a long time ago


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Aamir started his fitness journey back in 2008 as an average guy & done rigorous training at the gym daily to attain his first ever transformation with an average muscular guy.

  • He has been involved in the previous Transformations


Aamir Khan’s Transformation Natural?

After then he didn’t stop his workout & attain a good level of muscle mass, then for his movie dangal, he went to an obese guy with 97 kilograms holding on to 39% body fat.

Muscle Memory played an important part in his transformation because this was the second time he was transforming his body.

  • Amir Muscles Adapt & Learned Faster through Training


amir muscles adapt faster

More you use your muscles for certain activities the more they start learning and adapting to the actions needed to perform those activities.

The way you will train the central nervous system the same way, it will adapt the muscle fibers.

  • His Muscles was Mature due to the past Training experience


amir past training experience


In case of bodybuilding if a person has undergone a training and gained a muscle mass after that & then suddenly he quit lifting after then, also he can be back to shape again whenever he wants to.

It just depends on the maturity of your muscle tissues, which depends on the period of time you have been into a muscle building process.

Therefore, Amir Khan muscle memory was still intact at the time when he was going through the transformation for Dangal.


  • Amir was practicing Compound Movements for Muscle Mass


amir khan training

He was still training like a wrestler during his transformation because in his role he has to play a wrestler.

This training is very difficult because it involves a lot of many compound movements, like bench press, deadlift, squats, etc.


  •  Most of the Fat in Amir Khan was Visceral Fat ( Belly fat)


amir visceral fat


The Fat He Held On Was Mostly Visceral Fat, Around His Gut Area. Visceral Fat Is Easy To Cut Through.

Visceral fat deposits around the internal organs in the abdominal cavity. It’s easier to lose visceral fat as is very less affected by insulin spikes and get higher more sustained blood supply.


  • Good Muscle Genetics


amir good muscle genetics

Amir was having good muscle genetics too because his muscles responded hugely to a kind of training he was performing which not happened with each & every guy.
Sometimes a guy went on steroid cycle then also, his muscles can’t be able to adapt well.

Did Amir Khan Take Anabolic Steroids during his Transformation?



is amir took steroids




Is Aamir Khan really went on a steroids cycle.

Most of the Fitness Trainers claimed this on him due to his Incredible Transformation.

Most of the people are saying he’s just juiced up, not aware of the fact that there are a lot of supplements just like steroids in the market.

Secondly, 10% body fat can be achieved naturally while preserving lean muscle mass. Things get abnormal when the fat levels drop to below 5%.

Aamir’s training, diet, blood work was all monitored by some of the world’s best coaches.

He had access to the world’s best supplements, as he was capable of affording it.

The dedication which Amir showed during the training was incredible, which was the key to this awesome transformation.




Every Fitness passionate guy must Learn from this Man, that it is possible to transform into a Natural Diet & Supplements, without even going for Steroids.

The point is that creating a phenomenal physique takes a MUCH MORE other than Anabolic Steroids that most aren’t aware of.

Most of the youngsters today don’t even know the difference between the Steroids & Supplements.

They just read Muscle Magazines & dream of becoming a Next Sergi Constance, without even knowing anything about lifting.

They just rely on their Fitness Gurus whose business is to just sell big branded supplements on a commission to the guys who don’t even know the L of lifting.

Everyone cares about results, no one wants to put the dedication & hard work to it, just like Amir did.

If anyone reaches his potential naturally then they put a tattoo on it of a Juiced up guy, without even knowing about the F of fitness.

This really pissed me off, especially in Indian Fitness Industry,

Everyone wants to be a next Thakur Anoop Singh but no wants to lift as he does, such a BS.

Firstly clear your basics about the nutrition & right kind of training according to your body type, after going through that training process for at least a year, then think about Supplements or else it’s just a waste of money, Believe it or not.

Amir Khan sets a perfect Example for the Indian Fitness industry who thinks it is possible to attain an awesome physique even naturally without getting juiced up on anabolic steroids.


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