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deadlift posture

DeadLift Exercise?

  • Deadlift is one of the most important compound movement if someone really wants to build his core strength, power & a lot of muscle mass.


  • Most important benefits of deadlift are this that all of your muscle group come into picture like back, glutes, quads, forearms, shoulders etc.


  • It’s a great exercise for building a foundation of your body, for a stronger body parts and stability in each and every part of a body, by adding extra muscle mass to the overall personality.


  • This is a Compound Movement which includes each and every part of your body, which makes it very very special, especially for the beginners.


  • Improve grip strength.
  • Makes fat burning faster.
  • Prevents injury.
  • Cheapest exercise.
  • Improves Cardiovascular health.
  • Strong back.
  • Improves your nervous system.
  • Shock the muscles.



  • Cause Cramps.
  • Muscle Soreness.
  • Cause Injury if not done correctly.
  • Lower Back pain.




How to do deadlift in a right way, types of deadlift

It should be done with a proper posture or else anyone can injure you badly during the exercise.

As shown in the above figure, that each & every muscle of the body will come during the deadlift, if you have a problem any of the muscle then it’s difficult to perform the movement.

Everyone should follow the deadlift routine for a better core strength and the foundation for your body.

Let’s see the Right way to do it 🙂



  • Set the Barbell Deadlift


Place a barbell in front of you during the deadlift, by adding a number of plates as per your wish, but remember to set the plates tightly in a barbell, so that it doesn’t move slightly, which can ultimately distract your posture, if not placed correctly.

Deadlift bar and weights should be properly managed during the lift.



  • Set your Footprints 

deadlift footprints


Before the lift first of all stand close to the barbell, near your body so that when you perform, the movement then it should be along a straight line.



  • Check your Deadlift Grip 



The grip is a very important part of deadlift, you can use a mixed grip for a heavier weight, or else hook grip which is more painful, if you want to increase the weight, remember to lift a barbell slightly more than your shoulder width, hands should be straight.


  • Back should be Straight 

wrong posture


When you are about to lift the barbell from the ground, then your neck should be straight in front, so that the back of your body remains straight, which prevents your body from a lower back injury.




  • Pull a barbell with an Explosion during Concentric motion 

deadlift concentric


When it’s time to pull the barbell, pull it with full force, by taking a deep breath, which will eventually stiff your body for lifting, in a right manner, without disturbing your balance.



  • Lock your body at the top 



When after pulling the barbell in a straight line, just lock your entire posture at the top, which will create a stability & then go down.



  • Never try to control the weight during Eccentric motion 

Deadlift eccentric


When you go down with a barbell, then just don’t try to control the weight, which can cause injury, so you can just drop it also.

Basically, the whole story behind this idea is that, if you will try to control the weight during the eccentric part of the motion, then your muscle size will eventually increase because more muscle tears happen during the eccentric motion. so it’s better to drop the weight if you don’t want to get bigger.

So it’s better to drop the weight if you don’t want to get bigger in size.



Types of Deadlift Exercise

  • A Sumo Deadlift


It works on hamstrings of your body.


  • A Trap or Hex bar


It mainly focuses on your quads & glutes muscles.


  • A Snatch Grip Deadlift


It works on traps, upper back, hamstrings, glutes. It also increases the strength & flexibility, as compared to the conventional movement.


  • Straight leg or Stiff Leg Deadlift

Straight leg Deadlifts

Many of you should try stiff leg for stronger hamstrings. the difference from Romanian deadlift is this that the knees should be straight during the movement throughout & the back will bend a little bit, but the weight will be lighter to moderate as because if we will increase it, then it will affect our back.

The difference from Romanian deadlift is this that the here knees should be straight throughout the movement & the back will bend a little bit, but the weight will be light to moderate, as because if we will increase it then it will affect your back.


  • Romanian Deadlift

ROMANIAN deadlifts

Most common & popular Romanian deadlift is used which everyone should try, it allows maximum tension on glutes & hamstrings, should always be included during leg day.

It’s a single joint move of just bending forward, without squatting down to the floor, which makes it different from a conventional deadlift.


  • A Deficit  or Rack Pulls

deficit deadlifts


Deficit or rack pulls are done above racks for a proper stability & support.


  • Hack Lift

hack lift

This is the best exercises for increasing the size & strength of your traps.


  • Conventional Deadlift

conventional deadlifts, deadlift posture, deadlift routine


It works on each and every muscle group of your body, that’s why it is the best compound exercises, which adds muscle mass to each & every part of the body, which makes it different from the Romanian deadlift.


Bottom Line


Never Miss a dead lift exercise & do it for at least once a week, it is very important by breaking the plateau, if the muscle is not growing then it will let it grow in a best possible way.

It’s one of the best compound exercises, which every power lifter or bodybuilder must do for building the core foundation of the body.

Therefore if any beginner is trying to gain some strength in the beginning, then in place of many isolation exercises, he or she should focus on few compound exercises.

It will not only build a quality strength & power but also increase the metabolism of your body & will form lean hard thick muscle.

It’s not important to do, each & every type of lift, but yes if anyone wants to have a change in the workout then they can surely manage any of the types, basically, in this blog post, I have discussed in detail about basic deadlift form as it most popular of them all.

After doing the deadlift for a year or so move on to isolation exercises, if some one wants to focus on bodybuilding, but if his goal is on strength then the deadlift is the best option for him.

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