Top 5 Differences Behind Steroids Vs Supplements

steroids vs supplements


Steroids Vs Supplements


Today most of the individuals don’t even know the difference between Steroids & Supplements.

They considered supplements as steroids, which is due to lack of proper education.

Steroids and supplements both are entirely different from each other in every aspect.

It’s very important that we educate ourselves before even thinking about supplement as a steroid or steroid as a supplement.

In this post, I will cover some major points which will differ the steroids from the supplements.

Let’s discuss the differences one by one:-


1)  Steroid is a DRUG but Supplements is NOT



Steroids are considered as an illegal drug in the market but supplements is a dietary product consisting of Protein, carb, fats, vitamins & minerals, which makes the micro & macronutrients inside the body.


2) Steroids is Banned But Supplements is NOT




Most of the countries have banned the use of steroids in the market, but many of them are still using it due to their bodybuilding goals, strength goals & performance goals.

Supplements are selling all over the world as a dietary product, which is Legal.


3) Steroids Needs Medical Prescription but Supplements don’t

medical prescription


No one can go for steroids without a proper medical prescription, but in a case of supplements, anyone can go for it if their workout goals require its use.


4) Main Goal Of taking  Steroids or Supplements




The main reason behind going for steroids are going beyond the physical limitation of your body, especially when you are preparing for a bodybuilding or physique competition when it’s very difficult to compete naturally.

In case of supplements, we take it to fulfill the nutrient deficiency of our body if we can’t be able to take it in a sufficient amount from our diet alone.


5) Steroids Have Side Effects & Supplements have Not


side effects


Steroids have major long-term side effects if it does not take under proper prescription, which can be dangerous for your life also.

In case of supplements, the side effects are minor, which would not affect anyone’s life.



Bottom Line


This purpose of this blog post is to share the most common differences between the steroids & supplements.

Many of the young generation especially in India, go for steroids before they even tried for supplements.

They are motivated by the fitness models & they want to be like them, so they are willing to take any risk for it.

The beginner must always focus on his or her diet 80 to 90 % & rest of 10 to 20 % on supplements.

Supplements are not a meal replacement trick which most of the people think of.

Steroids are just a different equation, which is a polar opposite of supplements in every aspect.

Try to focus on your nutrition first, don’t go for shortcuts by ruining your life in the end.

Supplements & Steroids both have one similarity, both of them will give you gains you need but they were always temporary until the time you are using them.

Natural Gains will always be the one which will be with you till a longer period of time.

This is the reason I always focus on Natural Fitness, until or unless you are not a Bodybuilder or a Physique competitor.

If a person is living a normal life then he should not waste his time & money on these things.





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