10 Benefits Responsible for Importance of BCAA in Life

10 Benefits Responsible for Importance of BCAA in Life


Importance of BCAA


A branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) is an essential amino acid which means our body doesn’t produce it so we need it from a diet or a supplement.
There are three amino acids in BCAAs:
  • Leucine.
  • Isoleucine.
  • Valine.

The ratio of these 3 amino acids will be in the ratio of 2:1:1, that is 2 gm leucine, 1 gm isoleucine & 1 gm valine.

It can be taken from the non-veg foods like eggs, chicken, fish. beef, turkey etc.

Veg-foods also have BCAAs like quinoa, lentils, vegetables, but in very less amount in a large number of calories.

You can take BCAAs in 3 ways, firstly in the morning take 5 gm or take as a pre-workout or as a post-workout.

Never take BCAAs more than 1 time in a day, its enough once in a day.

If you are consuming eggs or whey protein or any other source of protein in morning then not necessary to take, if you are consuming eggs or whey as a post-workout then don’t take it.

Pre-workout will be the best option if you are eating anything during that time.

Dieting down will get you shredded, but it might also shave some size from your biceps. BCAAs can help protect your muscles against the catabolic effects of dieting!

BCAAs are especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass while on a calorie-deficit diet.
They’re particularly useful for competitors who are in bodybuilding because they take their physiques to the extreme level of low body fat percentage.


BCAAs has a number of advantages, which makes it one of the best supplement in the market, the most important benefits of it are discussed below:-
  • Enhance Muscle Protein Synthesis



protein synthesis

Usage of BCAAs can increase the protein synthesis of your muscles, which generally slows down during an extreme caloric deficit diet, during cutting.

As mentioned above, BCAAs consists of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, in a mixture of all of these 3 can help a lot in protein synthesis after an intense workout.

Most important benefit of BCAAs is this that it helps to prevent muscle mass, even if you are not exercising, due to an injury or you need a break from a workout.



  • Rich in Leucine 


rich in leucine


BCAAs is rich in leucine ( approx 40 % ), which is also found in other supplements like Whey & Casein, which is a muscle growth factor, which helps in saving the muscle mass.

It helps especially for older people, who want to prevent their muscle mass after 40 years of age.



  • Increase Fat burning by supporting Fat loss


fat loss


BCAAs increase fat burning and glucose tolerance, which helps to keep you lean all the time.

Leucine increases energy expenditure & fat oxidation, while isoleucine improves glucose tolerance.


  • Supports Hormone Balance During Intense Training 


hormone balance

 BCAAs has high testosterone & lower cortisol ratio, which helps to maintain the hormonal balance.
  • Helps in Increase the Strength


Regular BCAAs intake can enhance greater strength levels which improve neuromuscular adaptations.

  • Enhance Endurance Performance and Decrease Fatigue




BCAAs helps in increasing the endurance level by helping the body to burn more fuel efficiently.


  • Decrease Muscle Soreness & Increase Faster Recovery


muscle recovery


BCAAs is most helpful in decreasing the muscle soreness of the body after an intense workout, also it helps to increase the recovery process of your muscles after an intense workout.

It helps you to train more frequently which will increase your strength & size potentials.


  • Prevent Muscle Loss during Long Duration Exercises


long duration exercise

This is the best supplement for supporting the high-interval-training back & forth, like cycling, running or swimming for long durations, which leads to fat, water, energy & muscle loss.

In this scenario, if anyone will consume a scoop of BCAAs before these kinds of exercise then it will protect your muscle through that catabolic effect.


  • Improve Insulin Health & Diabetic Risk

It helps in improving the glucose tolerance & metabolic rate by improving the body composition, which eventually helps to avoid the risk of diabetes.
Therefore any non-diabetic person can include as much BCAAs in his or her diet, which will always keep him healthy.
  • Helps in Longevity of Life & is Therapeutic


long life


BCAAs helps in protecting many diseases like liver problems, prevent muscle mass with aging, reduce cancer risks, decrease diabetes risks, helps in anti-aging by forming new mitochondria & improves heart health.



When body increases its protein breakdown due to caloric deficit diet or increasing the physical activity, then the catabolism occurs on a molecular level of the body, which will eventually break down the amino acid for fuel due to the lack of energy from glucose.

Level of protein synthesis will also decrease due to reduced energy intake or carbohydrates inside the body, which will lead to more expenditure & less consumption of energy.

Here BCAAs comes into the picture, by protecting those muscle mass during cutting cycle.

Basic Formulae for Muscle Building inside the body is,

(The Muscle Mass = Rate of Protein Synthesis – Rate of Protein Breakdown).


Therefore, if the rate of protein synthesis is greater than the rate of protein breakdown, then the muscle will grow or else the muscle will lose & if both are equal then no growth, no loss.





Leaner the body gets more likely the chances are that it will lose the muscle mass, loss of energy, body pains, etc.

Our body is really smart it knows how to survive without the source of energy that is a fat storage.

It will target the glycogen of muscle mass, by breaking it into glycogen, which is the worst thing can happen to a body.

Due to this fact, the muscles are not able to lift heavy inside the gym, due to lack of energy & it tries to survive on your lean muscle mass.

Therefore BCAAs plays a really important part in maintaining the muscle mass during these extreme conditions, when your body comes into survival mode & it can do anything to survive, whether its a sacrifice of your own muscles.

Possible side effects of BCAAs in excess amount is fatigue and loss of coordination.

If you are currently taking any medications or suffer from a specific illness, speak to your doctor before taking BCAAs.


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