How to Save yourself from Fake Protein Supplements in the Market?


Trend of Fake Protein Supplements in the Market


Today nearly most of the market especially in India is covered by a large number of fake supplements.

It is estimated that 55% of the Indian market consists of Fake Supplements.

Most of the people are aware of it & most of them are not.

They do the same things as there trainer told them to do, without asking any question.

The problem behind this ignorance is lack of proper education of supplements.

In this topic, I will cover the key points which will open your eyes next time you go for a purchase of supplement from the market or from the trainer or online, etc.


Key Points to Remember before you Buy Supplements


The most common points which every individual must keep in mind whether they are a beginner or experienced or not, it doesn’t matter.

The following points are as follows:-


1) Packaging  of the Supplement




Most of the retailers online or offline don’t give much attention to packaging & label, so anyone can be able to identify few common errors in packaging to find out whether it’s fake or not.


2) Words Written On the Label


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Always check the label carefully, that whether there is any spelling mistake on the label or not.

Most of the fake supplements do minor spelling mistakes on the content of the label.

3) Warning for the Indians


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Never rely on products which have written, made in America or USA or any other big country name on it.

ON supplement is the most targeted fake supplement especially for the Indian market, due to its popularity.

Most of the supplements are made in America, therefore, they use it, but actually, the supplements will be a localized supplement from India only.


4) Always Check the Protection Seal


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The supplement consists of two types of seals first is outside & other is inside.

To prevent the quality of the supplement, the genuine supplements will always have a seal on it.


5) Mixability




There are some brands whose mixability are great, so always check the mixability of the supplements on the internet before you go for that same supplement from the market.

If you find a difference in the mixability which you checked from the internet or your previous experience then it’s a fake one.


6) Rely on Taste


rely on taste


If you find the different taste of the supplements which you by from the market different from your previous experience then its fake my friend.

They mostly add soybean powder in the supplements in case of whey, which increases the estrogen levels in the blood, which is a female hormone.

7) Always ask for receipt before purchasing the supplements




Fake supplement retailer will never give you a fake supplement with a receipt so always ask for a bill before you purchase a supplement from the market.


Purpose of this Message


I have also been a victim of fake supplement ion the market due to my lack of knowledge.

Fake supplements business growing at a faster rate, especially in India.

The main disadvantage is not only the monetary loss but also the health at risk.

Never let your ignorance be the reason that other people make a profit from you.

Your money is at the stake so it’s your duty to ask as many questions from the retailer or distributor or seller before you go for a purchase of the supplement.

Share this message as much as you can, so that next time no gets cheated by a fake supplement retailer or seller or distributor by wasting their money by risking their precious health.


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