Top 5 Reasons you should Use & Suggest Creatine Protein to your friends


Creatine Protein



creatine powder

Creatine Protein is similar to the protein which is a nitrogen-containing compound but is not a true protein.

In the nutritional biochemistry world, it is known as a “non-protein” nitrogen.

It can be obtained in the food we eat (typically meat and fish) or formed endogenously (in the body) from the amino acids glycine, arginine, and methionine.

Creatine is popular as an extra reserve of energy in a cell, which helps to replenish the main cellular energy ATP, in extreme conditions where a cell goes on a stress of lack of energy.


Advantages of Creatine Protein


  • Helps in Muscle Growth



Creatine is the best supplement if anyone wants to gain muscles in the fastest way.


  • Improve Strength during workout



It helps to increase the strength of your muscles too.


  • Improve Power-based Sports Performance



This supplement works in various power based activities, which requires instant energy in a short period of time.

Sports like basketball, football, hockey, cricket or sprinting etc.



  • Reducing Depression



This is the best way to avoid the pressure of stress hormone on our body which is cortisol.

It releases stress-free hormones in our body which helps to balance the hormones inside our body.


  • Increase the Lean Body Mass

lean body mass

This is the best supplement for improving the LBM faster than ever inside the body.



Side Effects of Creatine Protein in Excess Amount


  • Upset Stomach

upset stomach

Taking too much dose of creatine can cause you this problem.


  • Cramping


Overdosage can also lead to cramping which was reportedly informed by the people.


Frankly speaking, you can’t blame creatine for people’s ignorance, if you will take anything over the limit, it will cause the problem to occur.



How Does Creatine Work inside Body?


As we all know, Adenosine Triphosphate is the source of energy for each & every cell in our body.

Therefore, as we workout or do day to day activities, our body releases ATP depending on the level of intensity in the activity on the contraction of our muscles.

Simultaneously during this process, phosphate-by-product produced as a by-product of working out, it causes our body to reduce ATP to Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP).

Now comes the Creatine Supplement which finally converts the ADP again into ATP, for more energy & faster recovery of the muscles.


How & When to take Creatine?


Humans carry about 2 grams of creatine per kilogram of lean muscle mass (one gram per pound).

The maximum we can put into muscles is about 3g/kg.

To reach this level, a 150-pound male would need about 25 grams of creatine supplementation.

Researchers initially found that 20 grams per day of creatine, taken for five days, successfully raised muscle creatine content by 30-45 percent.

A 150-pound male (70 kilograms) will burn through about two grams of creatine naturally every day.

Since 95 percent of creatine exists within muscle tissue, the average resistance-trained athlete would require greater amounts of creatine just to maintain normal cellular levels.

To Load creatine with 20 grams and maintaining with five grams is the most common recommended protocol and the one that has been deemed safe through longer-term studies. 

Studies have proved that taking Creatine during Post-workout is more beneficial than taking it as pre-workout.


Types of Creatine Protein?


There are primarily two different forms of Creatine,

  • Creatine Monohydrate.
  • Creatine Ethyl Ester.

Generally speaking, Creatine monohydrate is substantially cheaper than Creatine ethyl ester.

Both of these types of supplements have similar effects, but people generally prefer for Creatine Monohydrate, due to its cost-effectiveness.




Always try to take creatine according to the daily requirement of your muscles.

This supplements also help you in your fat loss goals, by making you increase the intensity levels of your exercise.

The biggest advantage of this supplement is this that even diabetics can also take this supplement.

Always remember to take creating not only in ON days but also on OFF days to speed up the muscle recovery process.

Never stop working out while taking creatine, or else your muscles & other tissues will store the water weight.

As I said before to give some time to your muscles for at least a year through natural foods, before going for any kind of supplementation.

Time after time when your muscle will become mature then you will be able to get 100% out of your supplements, but never rely on them they will just give you an edge but if your diet is not good then no supplement can help you.

Never skip natural foods over supplementation, always remember this.





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