Key Difference Between Power Lifting and Body Building – Common Confusion

powerlifting & bodybuilding

 Power Lifting Training Program


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In this process, all we need to do is to focus on the explosion and intensity of our muscles, towards a very heavy weight,  which we can lift up to our 1 rep max limit only.

We perform 6 to 8 sets with 1 rep max i.e, the maximum weight which we can lift for a time only ( i.e 1 repetition ).

We have to take 5 to 10 min rest in between the sets so that our nervous system recovers completely & we can be able to attack the weight again with our whole power and focus.

Here we don’t build muscle much but our main focus is to increase our power and intensity.

Example: Dead lift, Box Jump etc.



  • Build power & strength.
  • Improves Central Nervous System.
  • Build muscle mass.
  • Fat Loss.
  • Bones Health.
  • Athletic Ability.
  • Improves Focus.
  • Improves proper form.


  • Time Consuming.
  • Over training Injuries.
  • Preventive Measures.
  • Performance Problems.
  • Minor injuries can cause issues.

Bodybuilding Training Program

bodybuilding barbell curl



In this process, we focus on moderate weight with 3 to 4 sets with 6 to 12 rep each.

Our main focus is to reach failure at each and every set no matter how much the weight is,  just remember that it should not be so light enough that it doesn’t affect our muscles or not to be so heavy enough so that it just disturbs,  our form of exercise which, will lead to an ego lifting which is not good for us .

So our main aim in Bodybuilding is not the amount of weight we are lifting but the form in which we are lifting, which is creating enough tension, on to our muscles so that it breaks it and ultimately it will lead to protein synthesis, by repairing our muscle tissues, to let it grow.

example: single arm dumb bell row, bench press, etc.



  • Improve Mental Health.
  • Improve Body Structure.
  • Mood Booster.
  • Promote Self-satisfaction.
  • Decrease Stress Hormone.
  • Good Eating pattern.
  • Improves Life style habits.
  • Gives symmetry to a body.
  • Small injuries don’t affect the workout.



  • Drugs & Bad diets.
  • Impotency issues.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Low Sex Drive.
  • Dehydration Problems.
  • Metabolic Issues.
  • Steroid Side effects.
  • Man Boobs.
  • Testicle Shrinkage.




powerlifting and bodybuilding


There are many different factors on which these two sports differ completely.

Many of the people, can’t be able to understand the basic difference between the two, which makes them confused.

Now I will discuss, the important factors due to which, a person can be able to clearly see the difference between these 2 sports, after this only he or she can be able to decide,

What suits him or her the Best?

If any one only wants to build huge & bulky muscles, for a better representation of his body, then Bodybuilding will be the best & perfect choice for him.

But if anyone wants to break all the records, by challenging their body for increasing their power, strength & athletic performance, then Power lifting will be perfect for them.

It’s totally a matter of choice, that whether you are a Power lifter or a Bodybuilder, you should always know the basic difference between them, before choosing either of them.

If you don’t know where you are going, then you will end up yourself, by finding nothing, but just a disappointment & confusion, with the lack of confidence.

Before choosing a path, firstly aware yourself with all the factors, associated with that path, so that you can achieve it for,  better results, as compared to those fools, who don’t even know whether they are training for, whether it’s for strength or size.

Here I will make you aware of the basic factors between these sports, which makes them, completely different from each other.

Let them discuss, one by one, here we go: –



powerlifting and bodybuilding7


In Power lifting, it is less than 1 second.

On the other side in Bodybuilding, it is always between 4 to 12 sec.



powerlifting and bodybuilding5


In Power lifting, the tempo is basically  0 0 0, as because it is based on momentum.

On the other hand, in Bodybuilding, it is 3 1 3, normally, it can also vary.

example : 2 1 2 , 3 1 2 ,4 1 4 etc.




powerlifting and bodybuilding4

In Power lifting, the intensity is really high, up to 100 % of your, 1  rep max.

In Bodybuilding, it is up to 75 % of your, 1 rep max.



powerlifting and bodybuilding6


In Power lifting, the repetition is up to 1 maximum.

In Bodybuilding, the repetition is between 6 to 12.


  • SETS

powerlifting and bodybuilding


In Power lifting, it is between 4 to 8 sets.

On the other hand, Bodybuilding has between 2 to 3 sets.



powerlifting and bodybuilding8


In Power lifting, the rest period is between 3 to 5 min, due to its very high intensity & pressure.

On the other hand, in Bodybuilding, the rest period is between 60 to 90 sec.



powerlifting and bodybuilding9


In Power lifting, fast twitch muscle fibers play an important role in providing size & strength to the muscles, for fast explosive workouts.

On the other hand, in Bodybuilding, slow twitch muscle fibers, provide endurance & size, to looking more bigger & swollen.

Some of the fast twitch muscle fibers are also needed in Bodybuilding,  for lifting heavy weights up to 75 % of 1 rep max, but the majority of the fibers are slow twitch only.



powerlifting and bodybuilding10


In Power lifting, apart from many power lifters, there is also one more category, which are sprinters, who focus on high-intensity workouts, to increase their speed, power & explosive strength.

In a Bodybuilding game, many athletes & models, practice it for just looking good, in front of the camera, irrespective of their athletic performance & power.




Thus, the bottom line is,

Go for Power lifting or Bodybuilding?

It depends, on your goal & preference.

Both of them, have their respective importance.

The better option is to follow a hybrid program so that you can focus on both of them.

Like to do compound movements, at the starting of your workout, after that go for isolation movements.

Just Remember we have more energy at the starting of our workout, so we can be able to lift very high-intensity weights, after that we can go for moderate to low-intensity weights.

Every fitness lover should understand the basic difference between Power lifting & Bodybuilding so that they have a clear vision of their goal & how to do it in a smarter way?

To be Master of one, you have to be a Jack of all Trades.

By this strategy, you will have a crystal clear vision, whether your choice is Bodybuilding or Power lifting or a mixture of both.


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Power lifting & Bodybuilding


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