Benefits Of Keto Diet Meal – Smarter Way to Loose Body Fat in Less Time

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What is Keto Diet Plan?


  • Keto Diet is one of the famous diets, which is very much popular, nowadays.

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  • Keto diet is a  very low carb, high fat & moderate protein diet, or an LCHF diet with a daily usage, of multi vitamins per day.
  • Keto Diet increases the metabolism of the body, as much faster so that the body turns, into a ” Fat burning machine “.
  • Always do remember, while on a keto diet, never take carbs more than 50 grams a day ( 5 %),  70 to 75 % day healthy fats and 25 to 30 %  from protein sources,  also never forget to avoid any, a form of sugar in the diet.
  • Fat is considered as an alternative fuel for our human body because when the blood sugar, i.e  glucose is limited inside the body,  then the body survives completely on the fat source, it’s a more refined form of energy, which avoids laziness inside the body.
  • Keto diet, is not for every body, especially for the people who already have a lean physique, it’s a form of diet which is best for the obese people, who are struggling to lose some pounds of fat.

When the body comes in a Ketogenic State?

Keto diet information

  • The ketogenic diet is accepted by the body in at least a week or so, may be longer than that.
  • In this period a time will come when the body will start producing ketones, which is a signal that the body is going on to ketosis mode.
  • Simply avoid any form of sugary food, to maintain the state of ketosis, which will help the body to be in a state of insulin sensitivity.

What are Ketones?

  • Ketones are formed, inside a liver with the help of fat, which helps to supply energy, to the brain.
  • Glucose should be negligible if a body wants to be in the state of ketosis.
  • As a result of which, ketosis speed up the process of fat burning, as compared to glucose, so the state at which body produces ketones, is known as  Ketosis.   


  •  Intermittent Fasting is the fastest way, for a person to get into ketosis, as because ketones are generated when the body insulin level is low, or the body is in the state of insulin sensitivity.




  1. Helps to lose weight
  2. Improves Type 2 diabetes
  3. Mental Focus
  4. Increase Physical endurance
  5. Controls Blood Pressure
  6. Decreases Heart Burn
  7. Decreases Acne
  8. Control Epilepsy
  9. Less Sugar Craving
  10. Calm the stomach

keto diet weight loss plan


  1. Harmful for Diabetic Patients
  2. Harmful for High BP Patients
  3. Causes Constipation
  4. Causes Weakness
  5. Effects energy level of body

     These are some basic issues, related to this diet, so if anyone wants to go, for this diet, then they must consult their doctor first, especially if they have some medical issue.




Ketogenic diets are of 3 types as follows:-

  1. Standard Ketogenic Diet Meal
  2. Targeted Ketogenic Diet Meal 
  3. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Meal


  •  SKD is a simple & standard form of ketogenic diet, which is low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein sources & high in fatty foods.
  • Carbohydrates should be up to 30 grams per day, not beyond it.
  • Always do remember, not to exceed the amount of protein, or else our body will start to break the protein & form glucose, which will automatically throw you out of ketosis.



  • TKD is a  form of diet, best for athletes, who do very high-intensity workouts, as this diet will help them to achieve their intense workout sessions very easily, without feeling any form of cramp or weakness.
  • Carbs will naturally help them to improve their performance, for that particular period of time.
  • Thus, as more intense is a workout, more the body needs energy or body will burn more sugar during that process.
  • As soon as the workout is over, the person will enter into the state of ketosis, because the state of insulin sensitivity will come.



  • CKD is for advanced athletes, in terms of exercise, like bodybuilders, athletes, to perform high intensity & greater volume workouts efficiently.
  • During CKD we have to deplete, the muscle glycogen, for few days before the carb loading days, like off days to deplete the carbs & on days to reload the carbs would be the better strategy.



keto diet what to eat, keto diet foods



  • Always remember,  keto diet depends on person to person, because it may be possible that, a person is looking to gain muscles, instead of losing fat, then this diet will be a complete disaster.


  • Keto diet is a best & fastest way to cut the excessive amount of fat, for those athletes, who are in their cutting phase & looking for the results in a minimum amount of time.


  • Keto diet is the fastest approach, to lose weight in less time, according to my experience, I have tried it also for 1 month & it was one of a best, & worst experience of my life.


  • This diet is best for diabetes patients, who are having a sugar problem, this diet will surely help them, to get rid of sugar cravings.


  • A person should always consult their doctor, before going on any diet, especially for the people who are suffering from some medical issue, like diabetes.


  • SKD is the best keto diet for beginners, TKD for the ones who do high-intensity workout & CKD for the ones who are used to this diet.


  • I recommend every one to give it a try, for at least a week or so, for this diet & see the difference if you find yourself uncomfortable, then you can drop it.


  • Therefore, before approaching to a keto diet, kindly have your medical test, with your body weight and fat percentage, also see your workout schedule and then decide, that which type of keto diet, will suit you best.

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