6 Meals vs 3 Meals Is There Any Difference – Common Confusion

3 vs 6 meals


6 Meals


I have been searching for a perfect diet for a long time, since 3 years and during my fitness journey, I got face to face with this most popular diet, which each & every fitness expert, model or actor is following nowadays.


6 meal diet plan


6 meals is basically a process, in which we have to eat small meals, at a gap of 3 hrs between them, so that we always feel fuller and never get hungry for a huge amount of food.

So what does it mean?

It means that the metabolism of our body, will be in exercise the whole day, as we know that a food digests in about 3 to 4 hours, that is when we eat a meal it happens to be completely digested in 3 hours, then we immediately go on for another, which basically runs our metabolism for 24 hours , then we never store fat in our body, because our engine keeps on going and going and so on.

So whats the point?

The point is simple, that when you will eat less and in a regular interval of time, you will able to make a most of it by not storing an excess of food, at any time which will cause you bloated.



  1. Decreases the Craving for food.
  2. Improves Metabolism.
  3. Create a Balance Eating.
  4. Improves Fat loss process.
  5. Delay Catabolism.
  6. Extend Anabolism.



  1. Food Dependency.
  2. Can’t Focus on work.
  3. Always keep on thinking about food.
  4. Mental Stress.
  5. Difficulty in traveling.

6 Small Meals a Day Menu is Just a Myth or Not?




Many of the fitness experts believe that, if we eat 6 meals than our metabolism is increased & we will be out of the starvation mode.

This theory is just a BIG BULL SHIT!


6 meals per day


This is just a common misconception, in everyone’s mind!

Without even eating 6 meals, our metabolism will be fast, it doesn’t mean that we have to go for smaller meals to look leaner & smarter, it just a trick to make others look a fool at themselves.

If we will eat 1 meal, then also we will be able to Gain muscle & burn a lot amount of Fat.

If you don’t believe me then please check out my blog post on, Intermittent Fasting.

Here you will get all the details that why 6 meal is just a piece of Crap !!!!

To be very frank with you, I have tried 6 meals, 3 meal, 2 meal & 1 meal too.

The only difference I found that as you decrease the number of meals, your body becomes more & more insulin sensitive and more you will enjoy the meal.

Just suppose if you will repeat same activity each & every day then that activity will not have so much of importance as to, do that activity very limited number of times.

Due to which you will be able to enjoy it even more.

3 Meals 



Today most of the people, especially in India, are following a 3 meal plan, i.e a light dinner, medium lunch and a heavy dinner or a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner, or every thing are on high as such they will never get any food for next few days.

In this scenario, six meals resolve the most important problem of mind, which always tell the body to eat more & more, because of its subconscious memory, until or unless we will not start re-programming ourselves nothing will change.


1 Meal


1 meal

Most of the people follow 1 Meal during the whole day, they consume there all the calories, in a single window, which doesn’t affect their meal plan, it’s also a kind of Intermittent Fasting which is also a very beneficial form of fat loss.

Just remember at the end of the day all it matters that how much calories, are you consuming & whether it’s healthy or not, which is full filling your daily requirements.


Clear Your Confusion Now!


6 meals vs 3 meals

It’s just a piece of confusion in everybody’s mind that, until or unless they will not increase their number of meals they will not be able to become leaner & muscular.

I recommend you to try 6 meals for a week & then 3 meals for a week, see the difference and then tell me.

I bet you that the difference will be negligible, it just depends on the quality & amount of food you are eating during that time.

If you will eat junk food all day long & then you will expect your body to do some miracle then that’s just a bull shit approach.

That’s why I advise all of you to just come out from the number game, as how many times we should eat but rather focus on when to eat and what to eat.

Just forget the rule that to be big you must eat big, that’s called a dirty bulking, it will just increase the amount of fat.

Instead of its focus on to have a quality muscle, you must eat a quality food to be leaner & muscular, with a right proportion of carbohydrates, protein & fat.

Its ratio just changes during bulking & cutting, but the major macro nutrients of the nutrition should be inside your meal or else you will not gain muscle or lose fat.




6 meals or 3 meals ?


Here is a Final thought!

Bottom line is this, that neither 3 meals or 6 meals or 1 meal our bad, but your calories should be under control, not as you can eat anything, you should always eat clean & always calculate your daily macros, like carbs, protein & fat  , such your all macros should be covered in your meal plan  .

example : If you are going on a bike, for a trip and after every 3 hours, you fill your petrol tank with moderate amount of petrol, then your bike will never go in a reserve mode , then it will be running smoothly all day long, as compare to when, you completely fill your tank and after that you come to know, at the end of the day that you haven’t used most of the petrol  .


I think now you have got my point, about this 6 Meal plan for a perfect fat loss routine which will not only control your calories, but it will make you regularly preparing your meals, in advance for the future and you will never feel like having a large part of it at one go.

Hope you got the information & Let’s give it a try!

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