Key Information about Six Pack Abs Structure for Building a Strong Core

six pack structure

six pack

What is Six Pack Abs?


Six pack is also known as, Rectus Abdominis Muscle or abdominals or abs, is a pair of muscles, running on the walls of the stomach, from each of the sides.

First of all, we should study the basic parts of six pack, as a result of which, we will finally be able to analyze that, on which muscle part, we have to work the most & why?

Everyone has an abs muscles, but some of them can’t be able to see it due to such a lot of fat in their belly, around 15 to 20 % or even more.

Suppose you have at least 10 % body fat, then only you can be able to see your abs clearly, which is not so easy if you are not on a right diet plan & training routine.

If you will go below 10 % body fat, then it will be unnatural & unhealthy, which you can’t be able to maintain for a longer duration, only for a competition phase.

If you have a fat below 10 %, then it is unnatural & unhealthy, which is not possible for a longer duration.

People with 10 to 15 % body fat will see a thin layer of abs only, but they should never be demotivated by it.

Everyone is not a fitness model or a bodybuilder, so they just can stay natural & fit, which is far much better than to risk your life for a false compliment.

You can look good around 15 % body fat also, which is an average limit to attain an athletic physique & it’s healthy too.

Just remember one thing, everyone has abs, so everyone should do abs exercises. except those who have a fat percentage above 20, they should try to, first of all, change their diet plan.

Except those who have a fat percentage above 20 %, they should try to first of all change their diet plan lose some belly fat.

There are many six pack benefits, but first of all, understand the basic anatomy of six pack.

Now Let’s begin to talk about, the different muscle groups and study it one by one: –




These are the visible muscles of Six pack, which we can clearly see if a guy has a very low-fat percentage.


  • Rectus Abdominis

rectus ( six pack)

Rectus Abdominis originates, from the bottom of the sternum, and meets at the pelvis, which helps you to contract, or expand your knees.


  • External Obliques

external obliques (six pack)


External Obliques, turn at the side of your body, between the rectus abdominous and lats,  as it helps to twist your body from side to side, which provides flexibility, to turn your body very easily.



  • Serratus

serratus (six pack)


Serratus runs, from the lats to the side of, your rib cage.



These are the invisible muscles of Six pack:-


  • Transverse Abdominis

transverse abdominis ( six pack )


Transverse Abdominis, directly lies below the rectus abdominous, because it reflects a great appearance, in the mid section, if developed properly.


  • Internal Obliques

internal-obliques (six pack)


Internal Obliques lies below the external obliques, and just above the transverse abdominal muscles.

Therefore,  internal obliques can’t be visible.

It runs in the opposite direction, of external obliques which form a powerful set of torso muscles,  due to which it helps the body to move,  left & right very easily, due to which it helps in the flexibility of the body.

  • Intercoastal

intercoastal (six pack)


Intercoastal run beneath & between the rib cage, it helps in respiration & inspiration, due to which this muscle is very important in a human anatomy.




Advantages  of having a six pack are many, which are as follows: –


  • Decrease Back Pain



Your abs muscles are the biggest supporter of your back muscles.

If your abs muscles are weak, then your back muscles have to work harder to support your entire posture of your body.

We have heard a lot by the people that when they work for longer period of time, then their back muscles hurt because their abs muscles are so weak that it can’t be able to support their posture.


  • Balance Posture 

balance posture


One more benefit of strong abs is this that they eventually improve the quality of your posture.

It is a very simple logic that when each & every muscle of your body will be able to take the same pressure than the body, will not depend on any specific muscle group but the pressure will be distributed equally in all muscle groups.

Abs muscles create a balance of posture which doesn’t create a pressure on the back and the body tends to perform in a better way, than before in the case of proper posture.


  • Improves Functional Strength

functional strength


Functional Strength means able to perform multiple movements in the body without any kind of a pain or tension or pressure.

Many movements of the body involve abs muscles, so therefore it is very important for us to train our abs muscles, regularly if we have to develop our true core strength.


  • Helps to improve Athletic Performance

athletic performance


A true Athlete is a one who performs any movement in any form, without the barrier of the comfort zone, in which abs plays a very important part.

Especially in sports, when your core strength is very crucial, whether it’s a sprint, marathon, football, basketball, hockey, cricket, etc.


  • Improves Balance


improves balance


Balance is not only just about doing crazy exercises like hand stand or standing on one long, it means that it creates a balanced form of your entire core.

You can be able to perform any of the exercises with a balanced set of posture, whether it is a dead lift, squats, bench press, overhead dumbbell press, etc.

We can’t be able to perform these exercises with a proper balance of posture & movement without having strong abs.



  • Helps in Breathing

breathing exercise


It helps in breathing in a proper way, during the exercise and also in day to day life.

When we lift any sort of weight, then we always breathe inwards, so that our entire body becomes stiff, especially in the core for a proper movement of the posture, without any risk of injury.

If we will have weak abs, then our abdominal muscles couldn’t be able to survive it and finally, it will be collapsed, resulting in a severe form of injury.







I hope so that, now you all got, the basic information about Six Pack.

So finally, what’s the point of all this information?

To share the benefits of a six pack and its importance.

The point is simple, every muscle group is important in Six Pack.

Finally, the conclusion of this blog post is to show all of you to understand, the importance of Six pack,  & emphasis in a human anatomy.

On a contrasting view, best workout of Six Pack should include, all of the visible muscles, in a single workout & the other invisible muscles, in the other workout, which will ultimately, create a balanced workout, for a Six pack.

Always remember, never train your abs muscles only for a better look or competition or to impress girls or your friends, train it like any other body part, because there are many advantages of training abs muscles.

The main objective this blog post is to educate all of the people about the different types of abs muscles with its importance in day to day life.

As you have seen so far there are many six pack benefits.

Hence, it’s very necessary for all of you, to remember the importance of each & every muscle, rather than just focusing on one or two muscles.

Six Pack Abs The Complete 12 Weeks Guide


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