How HardGainer Can Gain Lean Muscle Mass Naturally?


Who is the Hard Gainer?




These are the kind of people, who always find it difficult to put on weight every time.

They are blessed with a very fast metabolism, so they don’t even care about junk or fast foods because their body has an ability to absorb each & every food very easily.

Ectomorphs can easily be identified anywhere in the day to day life, especially inside the gym.

They are always underweight as compared to their respective height.



  • Typically Skinny: They are very thin & weak in appearance.


  • Small Frame: Their wrist & ankle size is too small, which is a clear indicator of their small bone structure.


  • Lean Muscle Mass: They have very lean muscles, as they are hard gainer so they don’t put on muscle mass very easily.


  • Low Fat Percentage: They don’t even gain fat mass very easily, because of their fast metabolism, which is a bliss for them, because they eat everything.


  • Fast Metabolism: Their metabolism is so fast, that they burn each & every food which go inside them so they don’t even get to know that they have eaten something or not.


  • Flat Chest & Small Buttocks: Due to less muscular mass & low-fat percentage, their chest size & buttock appears to be small.


  •  Low Appetite: They have a low desire to consume more foods, due to their basic body type & nature, they become full very easily during small meals.


  • Very Active: Due to their body structure & low weight, they can move very easily as compared to other body types.


  • Hard to Gain Muscle: They have difficulty in gaining muscles, because of their low-calorie consumption & fast mechanism, which doesn’t really allow themselves to gain muscles.



  • Short Period of time: Their workout program should be between 45 min to 1-hour maximum.


  • High Intensity of Weights: Weights should be around 75 to 85 % of their 1 rep max, that is close to their maximum capacity to hold on weights.


  • Repetition Range: Their repetition range should be between 5-6.


  • Rest Period: Rest period between the sets should be around 2 to 3 minutes.


  • Focus on Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres: They focus on the fast twitch muscle fibers to build overall strength & power into their muscles, but not focus so much on size & shape.


  • Focus on Bigger Muscle Groups: They should always focus on their bigger muscle groups like chest, back, legs, shoulders.


  • Do Compound Exercises: Hard gainers must forget about typical bodybuilding routine, that is isolation exercises which are best for mesomorphs & endomorphs only because they are already big in size, so all they need to do is just to provide proper shape to their muscles.


  • Avoid Cardio: Ectomorphs should avoid any type of cardio.



  • Do Dirty Bulking for first few months: Focus on dirty bulking, that is eating your favorite foods, which you can eat as much as you want, without even feeling boring about it.


  • Eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours: Try to eat smaller meals at every 2 to 3 hours, which will automatically shift the body into a calorie surplus, rather than starving your body for the larger meals, that will create a calorie deficit.


  • Carbohydrates Limit: They should consume 50 to 60% carbohydrates from their diet plan.


  • Calorie Surplus Diet Plan: Consume 500 or 250 more than your maintenance calories, for example, if the total calories our 3000, then increase it to 3250 or 3500 calories per day.


  • Don’t Count your calories: Never try to count your calories like others, just remember you are a special power to eat anything you want, without considering about your belly or arm or body fat.


  • Do bulk first & then cutting: Focus only on gaining weight during few months & when you pass your target weight, then think about macros that are, carbohydrates, proteins & fats, with a ratio of 2:1:1, then make a diet plan, to remove the extra calories.


  • Focus on quantity first & then on quality: As I said during the initial stages of your diet, focus on the quantity of food, but after achieving a required amount of weight you can then choose the quality of foods during the cutting phase.


Bottom Line


This is the blog post, which will give you a complete insight about Hard Gainers, with a proper workout and diet plan Naturally.

I can relate myself with this blog post because I am also a hard gainer but due to the right type of workout and proper diet, I transformed myself into a Lean Muscular Guy.

Try the stuff presently on this blog and I give you the 100 percent confirmation that you will get results without even going for any kind of expensive supplements from the market.

Never waster your hard earned money on the supplements for the first place if you can be able to achieve the same results on Natural Foods.

if you like this blog then like it and share with all of your friends who you think is a Hard Gainer and they have a tough time gaining muscles in the gym.

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