14 Common Mistakes Must be Avoided in the Gym for Beginners

beginner at gym

beginner at gym


In today’s world of fitness, beginners make a lot of mistake in a starting phase of their fitness journey, due to which other people see them as an ideal and follow the same set of pattern which they followed, which leads to an endless cycle of mistakes which becomes a norm sometimes & people just ignore it, because others also don’t give a shit about it.

In this blog post, I will put some of the major mistakes which is completely ignored by the newbies at the gym, which becomes a blunder mistake afterwards, due to which not only they suffer but also others, because they follow the same footprints, therefore its better to pay attention to these mistakes & correct them.



1) Don’t Lift weights with Your Ego


ego lifting


Never do ego lifting in the gym, especially if you are a newbie because due to lack of exercise form & knowledge, it can place you in a serious trouble, which can include serious injuries.

Therefore in beginning don’t lift too many heavyweights (70 to 80 % of your 1 rep max), focus on low to moderate weights (30 to 60 % of your 1 rep max) & then increase the weight a little bit week after week.

Note: 1 rep max means repetition maximum of your highest potential to lift a weight for only one time.



2) Always Use Perfume or Body Spray Before You go to Gym


deo during gym'


Due to the lack of proper hygiene, many of the persons who do gym face a critical issue like bad smell, sweating & use of same weights & machines by same persons, with their sweating on it.

Therefore, it really important to keep your perfume always with you, so that the person who is doing workout next to you don’t face any kind of a problem with your smell.


3) Keep Your Used Weights Back in their Original place


put weights back at their original place


This habit is missed by the majority of individuals at the gym, therefore it is very important to grab your weights back at their original place, to make a place in a systematic way so that other people don’t face any issues in finding weights.


4) Don’t do too Much Socialising with others during your Workout


socialising at gym


Socialising is a great way to form a bonding with others at any place you go & this logic is applied in the gym too, but it can have a negative impact on your workout if a person will do it too often during a workout.

This will break the focus of a person from the workout & he or she will get used to talking to people at every set which will never force that person to go to extreme or give his or her 100 % on their workouts.

5) Practice Free weights along with Machines for Proper Form


free weights


Always use free weights to practice compound exercises like in bench press, overhead press, deadlifts, squats. These exercises always must be performed with free weights to develop confidence & as well as with machines to practice form.

6) Focus on Quality of a Workout rather than its Quantity


quality workout


Don’t always count the number of reps or sets, but in reality go for your actual potential & amount of pain you are getting at each moment, which will help you to grow during your workouts.


7) Always Perform Cardio after Weight Training




Never perform cardio before weight training because it will take all of your energy before the workout only, therefore you will not have much strength left after the cardio to perform weight training, which is far more important than cardio.

If you don’t get time for cardio then you can perform HIIT too, which will be more beneficial.


8) Make your Own Workout Plan


workout plan



Always make your workout plan before hitting the gym, which will save your time in thinking about the exercises & it will also make you a smart worker in the gym, instead of following other workout plans, it will make you focus on your goal.


9) Lack of Nutrition Knowledge




Never forget about the nutrition, because if you will not have a proper nutrition outside the gym then you will never be able to get the desired results & will ruin all your hard work inside the gym.

Always study about proteincarbs & fat, with different vitamins & minerals which will benefit you in long run.

10) Don’t Copy Anyone else’s Workout Plan

copy workout


This is the best advice which I want to give to every fitness wannabe, whether their goal is fat loss or muscle building, never try to copy the workout schedule of anyone’s else.

Most of the beginners follow workouts of famous celebrities from the fitness magazines & think of becoming like them, without knowing anything about their own body type, goals & diet plan.

Everone’s body shape, size, goals & diet is different, so please don’t try to copy anyone else.


11) Don’t Chase the Supplement Brands too Early




Everyone wants to have a good physique, but only a few are willing to work harder for it & rest of them want quick shortcuts so that they can impress girls, be like their dream hero or feel proud of their physique.

First of all ready your body for a proper workout schedule & proper diet plan, follow it for at least a year, then when you feel like hitting a plateau in your efforts, then go for supplements according to your goals, before blindly going for a supplement too early which will have a negative effect on your body.


12) No Pain, No Gain



This is a famous quote by Arnold, which every beginner must keep in mind before going for their workouts, nowadays many of the newbies do easy workouts on low weight without even challenging their true limits.

Ita very important to feel the pain in every set & rep or else you are just wasting your time in the gym if you are not challenging your true limits.


13) Switch off your Mobile or put it in a Silent Mode


switch off mobile


I have seen many of the people, chatting in their mobile & doing gym simultaneously, without even focussing on their exercise, so always try to avoid your phone till the time you are doing gym so that you can give your 100% at the gym.


14) Listen to your Trainer, but Don’t Follow him Blindly



It’s a good habit to listen to your trainer, but it’s not always a good choice when you know something about your body & potential which your trainer don’t know.

Therefore don’t always do the exercises or sets which your trainer tell you to do, but also put your own mind & soul in your workout to give something extra whether it is adding one more set or one more rep so that you can make a best out of your workout with full dedication.

Remember it doesn’t mean that you go to the extreme by injuring yourself, always try to be little uncomfortable with your comfort zone, so that you can break your muscles which will result to a growth.


Final Thought


Finally, these are the most common mistakes done by the beginners in the gym, which must be avoided in the beginning so that they can stop those mistakes to become a lifelong habit, which will ruin their performance & gains for the future.

Beginners should always focus on natural anabolic foods for muscle growth or fat loss, after a certain limit their muscles become mature enough to handle the various kind of supplements because they have broken their natural limits.

Go for natural protein foods, like eggs, chicken, fish, etc, thee are lean sources of protein. If you are an advanced athlete too, then also your first choice must be nutrition, after that go for supplements for breaking your natural limit, if your muscles are tough enough to handle & also if you are on a right diet & training routine.

If you are a beginner with less than a year of training experience, your muscles will not be able to absorb the protein & it will get wasted, therefore never be in a hurry, give time to your muscles so that they can be able to become more mature.

I hope you all got my message & you will not repeat these mistakes next time when you will hit the gym.


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