3 Key Principles Behind Building Muscle Mass Naturally in a Fastest Way Ever!

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 Secret Behind Building Muscle Mass

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Building Muscle does not happen overnight, or by means of eating whatever you want, or how much you lift.

I have seen many of the guys just lifting heavy and too heavy, without knowing the mechanics and science of muscle building.

Most of us are having an illusion, that by lifting heavy weights we will be able to build muscle or to depend on supplements.

Yes, it’s important!

Supplements are also important but they come into the picture after when you have challenged your own natural limits & build some quality muscles & now your body needs more protein to grow & repair faster.

Just don’t depend on supplements too early during your workout phase.

As per my advice, at least for 1 year, you should follow the principles which I am about to discuss muscle growth & believe me you will see the difference naturally.

To more about supplements benefits, check this out Introduction About Supplements.

As I have said, you are just looking at one aspect of the coin, there are other principles also which are very important for building muscle.

Everybody says to lift big, you have to eat big.

It’s just a myth that it just one part of the story or a half-truth, without telling you the exact mechanics of muscle growth.


3 Important Principles For Muscle Building Workout

Here I am going to discuss the most important and basic principles behind muscle growth, without which you will not be able to build a quality muscle or it will be just a muscle but not in proper shape.

These are the principles which make a big difference between strength & a bodybuilding workout.

People are having a big misconception, that to build quality muscle we just have to list a very heavy weight, without even caring about the form, speed, frequency & there is much more another parameter.

Let’s just discuss them to remove this misconception forever: –



Progressive Overload

progressive overload

This principle is very popular and many of us know about it  & always practice it but with a wrong approach.

If you do 3 or 4 sets by increasing the amount of load at every set, it will result in muscle growth but always increase with a slight amount of weight, so that it would not affect your target repetition range (8 to 12).

for example, increase 5 or 10 pounds weight at each & every set, depending upon your level of strength, but don’t go too much beyond it so that you can’t be able to handle it & hurt yourself.


Time Under Tension


This is a very important principle to which nobody cares about so much.

Just suppose you are doing exercise with a 25 lbs of weight and you don’t want to increase it, then also you will be able to cause a tension in your muscles if you will control the eccentric (negative) part of the movement.

The main idea behind this principle is to put muscles under tension for the maximum time period so that the amount of weight becomes secondary and you will be able to tear the tissues of your muscle.

In this scenario it doesn’t matter that the weight is heavier or not, it must be low to the moderate weight which you can be able to control with ease, if not then lower the weight or else the workout will become a strength based one.

If you are lifting & want to build muscles but not able to control the eccentric part of your movement it’s just a waste of time or you can say it as Ego Lift.


For example:

4:1:2 is a time under tension, this means 4 seconds eccentric (negative) movement, 1-second pause at the end of the movement and then 2 seconds time at the concentric (positive) movement.


Metabolic Stress

metabolic stress

It’s also a very useful principle which especially targets the slow twitch muscle fibers under the high repetition and low weights.

If you are doing a death set of 50 reps with a 10 lbs of weight, then it will affect the endurance level of your muscles which is controlled by slow twitch muscle fibers.

Therefore, the next time when you will do that set, the amount of glucose will increase in that mitochondria of the muscle and which will eventually increase the size of that muscle fiber.




building muscle from a skinny guy, muscle building program

So what you have understood so far, from this blog post?

The main idea behind this blog post is to share with you the basic principles of which anyone can be able to experience the growth in his or her muscles naturally.

You must understand that lifting big only don’t cause to build muscles, it’s a basic scientific approach behind building muscles.

If you know what you are doing then you will be able to reach the desired goal, but if you don’t even know that what you are doing and whether it’s a right approach or not, then you will find yourself disappointed by reaching nowhere.

By the end of this concept, I think it must be been clear in your mind that what mistakes are you making so far & why you are not getting the result which you desired.

It all depends on the right technique & proper nutrition, for proper muscle growth naturally.

If you want to know about the muscle building diet plan from which you can be able to build quality muscles then check out my this blog post on Protein is the Building Blocks for Muscle Growth – Don’t Ignore This.

This topic will tell you the importance of protein for muscle growth.

So just don’t forget these 3 important muscle building principles which will improve your muscle building program to the next level.

Check this out the below video for more information:

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