8 Reasons Behind Why Hiit Program is Better than Cardio?

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What is HIIT Program?

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Hiit Training is a most efficient & advanced form of fat loss technique nowadays, which increases metabolism & heart rate much faster as compared to a normal 30 to 45 min slow cardio.

It’s a proven fact, that H I I T Workout at home is far much better than a Cardio at the gym.



  • After Burn Effect.
  • Improves Endurance.
  • Keeps on Burning Calories even after a workout.
  • Good for Heart.
  • Lower Blood Sugar Level.
  • Reduce Workout Time.
  • Do it Anywhere.
  • Burns More Fat than Cardio.

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  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Cause Cramps.
  • Difficult to continue.
  • Feeling Uncomfortable.
  • Dangerous for Heart Patients.
  • High Risk of Injury.
  • Muscle Soreness.





H I I T helps in improving 2 types of Energy Systems inside our body:

  1. Anaerobic Energy System 


    anaerobic-trainingIn this type of energy system, there is an absence of oxygen inside the body, the process depends up to 1 minute, for the first 10 to 15 sec, in which glycolysis & lactic acid are used.

    In this whole process, a lot of energy is produced by the body which eventually puts a lot of pressure on the CNS ( central nervous system ) which causes fat loss to happen more rapidly than before.

  2. Aerobic Energy System

    Aerobic-Exercise, hiit program

    In this type of energy system, there is a presence of oxygen inside the body, this type of process provides energy for up to 3 to 4 min, which causes less fatigue on to the muscles.

    It depends on a number of red blood cells inside the body which can be increased during the anaerobic type of process, which automatically helps the body to remain at a less fatigue level during the aerobic process.




According to my experience, if anyone wants to increase the Hiit fitness limit of their body then they should always perform a full body workout as shown in below image:

hiit workout, hiit better than cardio


This plan is just an example, you can change your workout according to your way & you will enjoy your workout with better results which you will never be able to get with a slow morning cardio ever.

The time duration of HIIT workout at home are probably is about 20 to 30 min.

Feeling RELAXED right?

This technique makes HIIT workout at home more interesting than a Boring Cardio.




There are various factors on which both HIIT Cardio, completely differs from each other.

Doing HIIT Running for 15 to 20 minutes is a smarter way, to do things than a boring Cardio for hours on a treadmill.

Many of the people are often confused between these two, as they don’t  even know the basic difference.

Let them discuss in detail, below: –



In High interval training, it’s between 10 to 20 minutes, maximum.

On the other hand in Cardio, it is between 30 to 40 min, maximum.



In High – Intensity Training, intensity level are very high.

On the other hand, the intensity level is low to moderate.



During Hiit Workout,  the metabolism becomes very fast & it continues to affect ours for the next 48 hours, which is called the, ” After Burn Effect “. which is very beneficial, for faster fat loss.

On the other hand, in cardio, the metabolism only runs, during the workout, & as soon as the workout is over, the metabolic process stops, which makes it’s harder.



In HIIT exercises, due to high intensity, fast twitch muscle is used to provide, explosive power, to do short duration workouts.

In the same way, in cardio, slow twitch muscle is used to provide endurance, during the low intensity & high duration workouts.



In HIIT work out at home, the muscle building is also possible because most of the exercises include body weight with high repetitions, which put metabolic stress on to the muscles.

On the other hand in cardio, it is difficult to make muscles, due to low intensity, longer duration &  slow twitch muscles are present.



During HIIT fitness program, the pressure on CNS (central nervous system), is very high, due to the high interval, which helps it to have more focus on the exercise.

On the other hand in Cardio, there is not much pressure on CNS, which don’t need much focus, during the workout.




In HIIT program,  no physical machines are needed, only do Body weight exercises & you will see the results, without even going to the gym.

In Cardio, everyone depends on the treadmill, rather than running on to the field.



In HIIT training at home, anaerobic energy system, is used in the absence of oxygen.

On the other side, Cardio uses aerobic energy system, in the presence of oxygen.




So far, we have understood the basic difference between HIIT  & Cardio.

HIIT is better than cardio, in every aspect of life, whether anyone wants to build muscle or lose body fat.

It’s just a smarter way to do things, than a harder way, having to get all the benefits.

No body wants to do HIIT workout because it is really difficult to perform, everyone is addicted to slow intensity Cardios.

The biggest crap is this that, they don’t even want to run on the field. because everyone is pushing their ass, on the treadmill, so they also want to do the same, just to prove others, that they are health conscious.

Everyone is pushing their ass, on the treadmill, so they also want to do the same, just to prove others, that they are health conscious just like others.

They will come 10 to 15 km from their car, to go the gym & then they will run 20 km on to the tread mill, that’s the biggest piece of crap!

Trainers also don’t know anything different, they encourage them to do it, to satisfy their fees & gym membership.

If you really want to, have a good athletic physique, then you must do HIIT exercises because it is far much better than a boring cardio.

Except those who are having health issues, like injury or heart problems, any one can go for HIIT program.






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