What Are The Effects Of Testosterone and Estrogen Levels In Males & Females?








Testosterone is a male sex hormone, which is responsible for the male characteristics in men.

Male produce Higher Testosterone & Lower Estrogen Levels as compare to Females.

This hormone is at its peak in the males, during their teenage phase, between 13 – 20 years.

It’s starting to decrease after the 30 years of age slowly and steadily.

The Normal Range of Testosterone in males is 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

The Normal Range of Estrogen in males is 21.80 and 30.11 (pg/mL).

Any range below or higher than the given range can be a risk of life in Males.


testosterone levels by age


Positive Effects of Optimum Testosterone or Low Estrogen levels in Males


high testosterone levels

  • It helps to increase the sex drive.
  • Increase the Bone Mass.
  • Improves the distribution of fat in males.
  • Increase the Muscle Size and Strength.
  • Helps in the production of Red Blood Cells.


Negative Effects Of the Low Testosterone or High Estrogen Levels in Males


low testosterone in men


The Level of Testosterone decreases gradually as the age increases.

It starts to decrease from the age of 30 at the rate of 1 percent every year.

The following are some common side effects of the lower levels of T levels inside the male body:-

  • Sexual Desire Decreases.
  • The size of Libido becomes diminished.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Big changes in sleep patterns.
  • Low self-confidence & motivation.
  • Depression and anger.
  • Muscle Mass Decreases.
  • Body hair becomes less.
  • Bone Mass Decreases.
  • Uneven Distribution of fat.


Negative Effects of Too much Testosterone Levels in Males ( Testosterone Dominance )


high testosterone in men


  • High in Depression.
  • Very Aggressiveness.
  • Too Impulsive.
  • Much Anger.
  • Mood Swings Fast.
  • Testicles Shrinkage.
  • Low Sperm Count.


Factors Responsible for the Low in Level of Testosterone in Males


low testosterone, effects of estrogen on the male body, male to female estrogen



Following are some factors, which males should avoid to save their manhood:-


  • Too much used to Refined Carbohydrates


Today everyone is dependent on the processed foods, whether it’s from Mcdonald or KFC or from any general restaurant, everyone is used to it.

It increases the level of insulin so rapidly that it affects the T-Levels too.


  • Hormones present inside the Meat


If anyone is used to eat a lot of meat and nothing else then it means then that man is soon to become impotent, believe it or not.

Make a habit of eating vegetables as much as possible focus on grass fed meat, these foods will increase the hormone production inside the male body.


  • Estrogen present in the water supply


Save yourself from the polluted water mostly found in the municipal water supply.

Have a proper filter system, to eliminate the germs from the water.


  • Increase in Stress level


The increase in stress is directly proportional to increase of female hormones in males.

Avoid stress to save your manhood.


  • Alcohol & Smoking


Too much addicted to alcohol and smoke can decrease the T-Levels at the greater levels.


  •  An Increase in Fat Level 


Males who are in a stage of obesity are much likely to have man boobs.

This is a most common problem found in males who are not having control over their fat levels, by eating whatever they want, which eventually decrease their T-levels, by increasing their estrogen levels.





estrogen in females


Sex hormone of females is Estrogen, which is responsible for their female characteristics.

Estrogen is produced in the ovaries of females.

Female produce Lower Testosterone & Higher Estrogen Levels as compare to Males.

At age of 40, many females attain the condition of menopause, due to low estrogen levels.

The Normal Range of Testosterone in Females is from 15 to 70(ng/dL).

The Normal Range of Estrogen Levels in Females is from 50-40 (picograms per milliliter).

Any range below or higher than the given range can be a risk of life in Females.

Postive Effects of Optimum Estrogen or Low Testosterone levels in Females



  • An increase in Breast Size.
  • Wider Hips.
  • Pubic & Armpit Hair.
  • Regulate the Menstrual Cycle.
  • Strengthen the Bones of females.
  • Helps in Blood Clotting.
  • Maintain the thickness of Vaginal Wall.



Negative Effects Of the Low Estrogen or High Testosterone Levels in Females


girl with a beard


  • Infertility increases.
  • Loss of hair on the scalp.
  • Body Pain rises.
  • The growth of Facial Hair.
  • The size of Breasts diminish.
  • Change in the mood.
  • Headache & depression.
  • Low Focussing Power.
  • Increase in Fatigue.
  • Irregular or Absent Periods.


Negative Effects of Too much Estrogen Levels in Females ( Estrogen Dominance )


obese girls


  • Mood Swings.
  • Depression around cycle time.
  • Too much Weight gain.
  • Breast Tenderness and edema.
  • Infertility issues.
  • Vaginal Dryness.
  • Excessive or scanty blood flows during periods.
  • Fatigue.



Factors Responsible for the Decrease in Level of Estrogen in Females


6-Signs-of-Low-Estrogen-Levels, how to lower estrogen levels in females



Following are some factors, which females should avoid to save their womanhood:-


  • Too Much Exercise at a Time


Females always should avoid too much exercise, whether it’s weight training or cardio, to save their estrogen levels inside their body.


  • Wrong Eating Pattern


The eating pattern should be in a right way, if it is changed due to some disease, or lack of appetite then it will directly affect their estrogen levels.


  • Problem in Pituitary Gland


There are many important hormones attached to this gland, if this gland is not performing well then it can result to very low level of estrogen levels in females.


  • Turner Syndrome


Human body consists of 46 or 23 paired chromosomes.

X & Y chromosomes determine the sex of the body.

Male consist of one X & Y chromosome present.

Female consist of 2 X chromosomes present.

In this syndrome, one of the chromosomes is missing in females, which causes their estrogen levels to drop.


  • Kidney Disease


The problem in kidney stops many important functions inside the body of females, like the production of Red blood cells, the balance of mineral & electrolytes, maintain ph level of blood & in excretion.

Therefore, it affects the levels of estrogen if it stops to function properly.


  • Auto-Immune Condition


In auto immune condition, the immune system starts to attack healthy cells, instead of the infection outside the body, which is not a good signal for the body.

Diabetes is one of the major reason for this problem.



The Purpose of this article is this that, every male & female should understand the importance of their respective hormone, whether it is Testosterone or Estrogen.

Fitness is not just about Bodybuilding or Fat loss, it’s about the general well being of the human body.

Many of the bodybuilders risk their life for just one competition, to look good on stage, which sometimes causes the hormonal imbalance in both males and females, due to the high use of steroids.

Therefore, always focus on natural foods and habits to live healthy & fit.

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