3 Key Tips To Promote Healthy Sleep Cycle For a Quality Sleep

How to Promote Promote Healthy Sleep Cycle?


You might not know it, but a good night’s sleep is the best way to supplement a dedicated workout. Because when you lose sleep, you start losing control over your mental focus and ability, but you also stunt muscle growth.

That’s right, your muscles won’t grow like they should, seeing as it’s during sleep that your body starts to release growth hormones.

It’s pretty interesting to note that up to 90% of the growth hormones released during a sleep cycle takes places within the first 4 hours.

In other words, sleep is critical if you want your muscles to gain size. Keep in mind that while you sleep your body sends the necessary nourishment to your muscles, and it’s the time your body takes to repair. And you need to give it space to do its thing.


Advantages of Healthy Sleep


How Many Hours Of Sleep Is Considered Healthy?



There is no mistaking the symptoms when you didn’t get the sleep you needed the previous night. You’ll feel like your energy is drained, you can’t get your focus right, and you might even walk around more depressed without any real reason.

The fact of the matter is that you need to implement a consistent sleeping pattern. Plus, you have to make sure the sleep you are getting is QUALITY SLEEP.

Seven to eight hours per night, without distractions or constantly getting woken up by something, that’s a healthy cycle.

And if you are thinking that aging prevents you from ensuring better sleep, think again. Regardless of your age, you can promote the best rest in the world.


1)  Open Your Options by Changing Your Pillow



Chances are you have a specific way you like to fall asleep. And while this position is great for the first hour or so, you want to be able to rotate between positions. Because if you can’t comfortably switch, you are going to wake up to stiff joints and muscles several times during the night.

The solution to this problem comes in the form of a body pillow. As the name suggests, it’s as long as your body, and it provides support for limbs and body sections that don’t typically have any. Thanks to the equal weight distribution and the way it conforms to the body, you won’t have any problem switching from side to side without waking up.


2) Consider Using Melatonin Supplement



Your body uses hormones for so many things. In the case of keeping your internal clock intact and promoting healthy sleep patterns, melatonin is produced. This is the hormone that reacts to darkness and subsides when the sun is shining, which lets your body know when it is time to recharge and sleep.


If you find yourself restless at night and you can’t get your body to settle down and relax, a melatonin supplement might just be the answer. It’s a natural way to get that hormone balance back, and it has been effective for many people thus far.


3)  Always Do Exercise at a Right Time


Yes, exercise is something that can help you sleep. However, according to specialists, it can also prevent you from sleeping peacefully. More specifically, it’s all about when you exercise that makes the difference.

It is recommended to finish your workout several hours before turning in, seeing as exercise stimulates the body and gets you all pumped up. However, it has to be noted that substantial evidence to back this theory isn’t really there. Although, it is something you can try and see whether it works.


In fact, why not test when is the best time to exercise? Take two weeks to workout in the evening and pay attention to the influence it has on your sleep when you hit your Tulo mattress. Then, switch to the morning or afternoon and make the comparison. Maybe you might be someone who sleeps better just after getting your blood pumping, and you never knew it.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with your exercise time, especially when it means better sleep for you. But above all else, implement a consistent schedule for getting enough and quality sleep.




These are the top 3 tips to improve your sleep patterns.

An additional tip which everyone must also consider apart from these 3 is improving your Nutrition with a balanced diet consisting of Protein, Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats with vitamins & minerals.

Always focus on a quality lifestyle which will improve your sleep patterns automatically.

Share your experiences on this post, to know what other factors you think which can improve the sleep patterns.

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