7 Ways to Lose Belly Fat on Navratri Diet Plan

Navratri Festival is back again this time & many of you has even started fasted for this special occasion. This is a festival which shows a lot of devotion and passion among the people of India.

This post is for those people who are planning to fast for entire 9 days of Navratri to lose some belly fat from their body. Therefore I have shared some of the important tips which you must keep in mind, if you want to lose some belly fat as fast as possible.

It is the good opportunity for the people who are obese to Lose 3 to 5 kilograms of fat easily during this period.

Following are some tips which everyone must keeps in mind if they are really planning to lose some serious weight during the fasting period.

1) Eat a lot of Vegetables



Vegetables would be the best choice during the fasting period, which will always keep you feel full & you will never experience a lot of hunger at once because it has a lot of fiber in it which helps to suppress hunger.


2) Try to go for Small Frequent Meals



Having small frequent meals like 5 to 6 will help you to maintain your blood glucose level throughout the day or else your blood sugar level will go too low which keeps you in a low energy mode.


3) Hydrate your body each and every time



Always hydrate your body not just with water but also with lime water, lemon water, coconut water or vegetable juice to keep you going during the fasted periods.


4) Don’t Stop Any Physical Activity



Always keep on moving during the day as compare of having a sedentary lifestyle, which will always keep you busy & will eventually help you to burn those extra calories.

5) Increase Protein Intake



There are vegetarian sources through which the protein intake of a person can increase. Protein is very important during fat loss diet which gives you ability to recover your muscles during that time when your body can break your muscles to survive as because you have stopped your carb intake.


6) Avoid Salt & Sugar Completely



Don’t go for salt or any kind of sugar like tea or coffee, avoid it completely for a proper fasting. Salt will cause bloating as it has a property to hold 3 times more water for every gram of carbohydrates in your body.

Sugar will cause rise in insulin levels through access of glucose which will cause fat deposit.


7) Go for Intermittent Fasting if possible



Intermittent fasting is also a great way to avoid fat, but it is applicable only for those who are not on medication or any kind of medical treatment. Fasting has many other benefits too which i have discussed in my previous blog post.


Bottom Line


Finally, these are the methods which a person must keep in their routine to Lose fat during the Navratri fasting.

Navratri days are a best way to improve your lifestyle & shape with just a few steps for those who are looking for a quick fat loss solution .

Therefore, follow these steps to get rid of your body fat as quick as possible without any problem during Navratri.

Share your thoughts below to know about your experience during Navratri.




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