12 Best Body Weight Exercises to Build Muscle Mass

bodyweight exercises

bodyweight exercises


Body weight exercises or Power Tower Workout are one of the most beneficial exercises, which everyone ignores nowadays. It is the best exercise for increasing the strength, reducing fat, improving posture & providing flexibility to the body before we think about lifting external weights.


Advantages of Bodyweight Exercises

  • Helps to increase more Lean Mass.
  • Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels.
  • Good Blood Pressure Levels.
  • Reduce stress levels.
  • Improves Sleep patterns.
  • Reduction in joint pains.
  • Increase in Bone density.
  • Makes Body Insulin Sensitive.
  • Improves heart health.


  • Pull-ups


pull ups


Pull up is a exercise that is excellent to train your back. It also strengthens your shoulders and biceps. Such type of moves can boost your upper body pulling strength very efficiently. Moreover, they make your shoulders and back broad. If a person is fat, he should do a partial run. This is only the negative phase of the exercise. So try to gain an in good physical shape quickly.


  • Push Ups


push ups


Push-up is considered as the best bodyweight exercise to build your chest. It also strengthens your triceps and shoulders. Many pull-up and dip stations come with low handlebars. The fact is that majority of the machines accompany settled bars. But there are many which let you increase or decrease the level of the bars. This is helpful as you can raise or lessen the resistance.


  • Dips




Dip exercise is considered as a powerful compound move for triceps. This exercise also works your shoulders and chest. Hence, it is a killer upper body exercise that should be in your workout routine.


  • Squats




This is one of the best movement for the lower body muscles including the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It also works on providing the strong core to build deep abdominal muscles.


  • Planks




It is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core. You can do this exercises with the help of your arms or elbow asper your comfort. Always align your elbows and shoulders and keep your hips, heels, and shoulders at the same height.


  • Crab Walk


crab walk

It works on your triceps, core, and glutes, by coordinating all the muscles at the same time. It also a very good exercise for the wrist. Always keep your hips lifted off the floor during the exercise.


  • Spinal Balance


spinal balance


Extend your right arm out directly in front of your shoulder. With your palm facing in, slowly extend your left leg back behind you with your heel lifted and leg in alignment with your hips. Return to the starting straight position and repeat on the other side. It is a great exercise for improving your back flexibility & increasing height.


  • Burpees




It is one of the best bodyweight exercises because it combines cardio and strength into one exercise. A burpee is a total body workout which works on upper & lower body & also focuses on the core. To provide more variation anyone can add a tuck jump also.


  • Jumping Jacks




It is one of the best plyometric exercises which provides a cardio touch too. This exercise helps to improve the quickness of your movement.


  • Tuck Jumps


tuck jumps


It is an extremely beneficial exercise which helps to provide a movement in an entire body including your heart. This exercise helps to improve agility, power and increase your ability to jump higher.


  • Mountain Climbers


mountain climbers


It is a very good exercise to make your core strong. It includes the movement of a plank, deep core stabilization and alternating knee drives towards your chest. The knee drives help to speed up your heart rate, which works on improving your abs & helps in burning calories.


  • Butt Kicks


butt kicks


In this exercise, you must start jogging at your place after that stretch your quadriceps a little bit which will help to improve your quad strength & also provides a cardio edge which will help in reducing fat.




Finally, the most common point of this blog post is to share with you all that it is possible to build muscles & lose body fat without going to a gym.

Most of the people nowadays are ready to give excuses that they don’t have a time for a workout, therefore bodyweight exercises are the best way for them to save their time, money & energy.

It will not make you a bodybuilder but it will definitely give you an athletic physique which everyone nowadays dreams of to make.



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