6 Best Cardio Exercises for a Rapid Fat Loss in a Shortest Period of Time

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Choose Your Best Cardio Workout



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Cardio is not all about running on a treadmill for long hours, it’s about running on a right time,  with a right goal in mind.

I have seen a lot of people running on a treadmill for 1 to 2 hours, without even knowing about their body fat percentage, they just want to look fit and want to get free of their belly fat so they think cardio is the only & best option for them.

In reality, the truth is this that whether your goal is an extreme fat loss or looking slim, you can work on your cardio in a different way altogether,  with a right strategy according to your body fat percentage.

So now you must be thinking,

Let’s Discuss it: –


1   For FAT LOSS only ( 20 to 30 % BODY FAT )


cardio for fat guys, truth about cardio

  • If anyone is looking for a fat loss at this body fat percentage, then he should always perform a cardio on an empty stomach for 30 to 45 min maximum.


  • The real truth is when you perform a cardio on an empty stomach, then the body will use all the remaining fat as a source of energy and the insulin level of the body will go down, which will lead to insulin sensitivity.


  • This is the best case if any person is only focusing on his fat loss, as compare to the case, when you are in a feeding state and your insulin level is already high because of your pre-workout meal or lunch or breakfast, which will just use that particular meal or food for fat loss & you will never be able to target the stored fat percentage of your body.


2     For CUTTING only ( 12 TO 15 % BODY FAT )

cardio for athletes

  • If anyone is looking for a Fat loss at this Body Fat percentage, then he should perform cardio on an empty stomach for about 15 to 25 min only, because if he will go beyond this time, then it can lead to a muscle loss which is not a good signal for an overall health.


  • One thing should be remembered that before the cardio he or she can have a protein as a meal like (5 to 6 boil eggs or a whey protein scoop), which will be beneficial for him, as because during the fasted cardio state , the body can also break muscles for glucose requirement as it will be in a survival mode , so if you will have a protein before 30 min of cardio then it will protect your muscle from break down.


Best Cardio Exercises 


Here I will discuss with you, one of the best cardio workouts for men & women, which everyone should include in their daily routine if they are looking for losing serious fat mass.

Let’s them discuss, one by one: –






It is the most beneficial & traditional form of exercises, which the humans are doing in their entire life.

It’s a great low-intensity cardio exercise for the people who are having some injuries, or age factor or just they want to enjoy the exercise.

  • Frequency:   3 times a week.
  • Intensity:       50 to 70 % of maximum capacity.
  • Duration:      20-45 minutes per session.

It burns around 30 to 400 calories per hour.





It’s a form of low to a high-intensity form of walking, which speed up the fat burning process as compare to before,  just like sprinting.

  • Frequency:     3 times a week.
  • Intensity:        65-85 percent of maximum capacity.
  • Duration:        20-30 minutes per session.

It burns around 600 calories per hour.





Just as running but it allows a lower impact on the metabolism, which makes it easier for the people who don’t like to run but works exactly on the same muscle groups as during running.

It can be done on a stationary bike or on a road.

  • Frequency:   3 times a week.
  • Intensity:      65-85 percent of maximum capacity.
  • Duration :      30-45 minutes per session.

It burns around 600 calories per hour.






It is a high intensity, total body workout, considered as one of the best exercises to lose body fat as quickly as possible.

It burns around 840 calories per hour.




jumping rope


It is one of the great aerobic exercises, which gives a proper definition to the calves and the shoulders.

This is an exercise is better in terms of losing fat as compare to rowing over 1000, it’s best for shorter periods.

Apart from it improves explosive strength, stamina, and speed.

It burns over 1000 calories per hour.


H I I T ( High-intensity Training )

HIIT-Workout, best cardio workout for men


 H I I T is considered to be the best, advanced, smart, time saving and most effective form of a cardio so far.

It is the smartest way to lose fat in the shortest period of time, but the intensity of the workout is very high, which can’t be able to manage by everyone, but the results are very fast.

The biggest advantage of doing an H I I T work out this that it burns fat even after the workout for the next 48 hours, which is called as After Burn Effect.

Its duration of exercise is between 10 to 20 minutes maximum.

Example: You can use cycling as an high-intensity workout if you will go along 75 to 80 % of your maximum capacity for 15 to 20 min maximum, then increase it up to 90 % for 30 seconds or 1 minutes to increase the intensity.

You can apply this technique on to cycling, walking, rowing or jumping rope, with high-intensity workout principle.


  • Good for heart function.
  • Metabolism will increase.
  • Hormones will increase.
  • A decrease in insulin level.
  • Blood sugar will be normal.
  • Insulin sensitivity.
  • Good for diabetics.
  • Increase in Testosterone for males.


  • Cause Physical injury.
  • Blood pressure will become High.
  • Sleeplessness.
  • Hungry for more food.




What’s the Bottom Line?

In this blog post, I have discussed a different kind of scenarios, in which a body should perform cardio.

According to the body fat percentage, the approach will change, because each & every one has a different body type.

Most importantly, according to me H I I T  is the best form of cardio so far, but as I said everyone’s body is different, therefore they can choose a different set of cardio exercises.

The important advice which I want to share, are as follows: –

  • Always start an exercise gradually, during the initial stages.’
  • Work within a target heart range to avoid trouble.
  • Don’t over do it, Limitation is the Key to Success.
  • Manage intensity, time & frequency smartly, to get the best out of it.
  • Always Drink plenty of water before, during & after the training.
  • These are some of the Precautions, which everyone should keep in mind, not only in case of cardio but also apply on other form exercises to get the best results.

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