The Purpose of this book is to educate each and every one of you, about the Natural & Effective Ways to Lose Body Fat without depending on any artificial operations, medicines, supplements or therapies or gym for the rest of your life again.

This book will help you to open your mind and you will realize that losing fat is not about following a diet and workout program for a short or limited period of time, but it’s about improving your lifestyle by focusing on basics habits and try to improve them each day for long term results.

I am here to show you to think differently about losing body fat and to change the way you follow workout and eating patterns of yours so that you never have to depend on anyone else for giving you the perfect shape to your body.

Remember one more thing, that some of the ideas and principles are given in this book are not easy to apply in your real life, therefore, I advise you to prepare yourself mentally and physically if you really want to get results and want to move your body on to the next level.

Apart from mentioning Secrets for Losing Fat Faster, I have also explained different types of Reasons behind depositing Fat, False Myths about Losing Fat and Common Mistakes which people do most when they follow a Fat loss approach.

This book is not about giving you a shortcut approach by selling you therapy or medicine, the fact is this book will give you the knowledge by giving you the permanent and effective results for the rest of your life without any side effects.

Therefore, many of the ideas which you will follow from this book will make you uncomfortable for sure but when you will start seeing the results, then it will motivate you to do it on a regular basis, and will eventually transform you as a person, not even physically but also mentally.

Always remember one thing, there is always a Price for each Result so, Are you ready to pay that price or you are still looking for a short term temporary approach with the help of medicines or supplements or operation or a therapy?

Answer this in your mind. If its Yes, then continue reading this book, or else please don’t waste your time.

You must have heard this many times, “Health is Wealth”, Right?

The problem is this that no one ever told you, that to earn that wealth you must need to work harder and smarter too on a daily basis with your diet and workout, without any kind of shortcuts (like medicines, supplements, operations, therapies,  etc), or else you will Lose it as faster the way you Gain it.

The point is Health is the most important asset than the Wealth, because you always have the opportunity to make Wealth again if you are Healthy, but if you will Lose your Health at some point in your Life, then your Wealth will be a piece of trash for you, because you can’t be able to Live and Enjoy it and because of this reason, you will always Regret this Reality for the rest of your Life.

One last thing as you go through the book, you ask yourself 2 questions:- a) How does this apply to me? b) How do I take direct action?

To get the maximum value and results from this book, use the “Lose Body Fat at Home Assignments” throughout different chapters and to write down your notes/answers as you go.

Don’t just read this book, try to make a note of each and important thing you find inside this book and always remember it by making a note of it and if possible read it again and again so that you never forget it again.