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The Man Behind AnshTheFitnessFreak


Hello, Friends, this is  Anshuman Sharma as "ansh the fitness freak".

My Purpose is to Create a Fitness Awareness, among Everyone for the Healthy Lifestyle.

I want your Complete Support, to be the part of My Fitness Journey.

My Mission is to help people, who want to be Fit but are confused.

They don't have much time to know about it, as there are so much busy in other areas of their Life.

These are the People, who are not able to Change their Habits & always have Excuses for them.

Always are Misguided by their Trainers.

Invest a lot of their Money in Supplements & Medicines, but couldn't be able to transform themselves.

In the End, they Just Give Up or Go for something Dangerous.

Giving them Unnatural Gains for the Short-term.

By Risking their Health in the Future.



One thing, I want to share with you.

  I have gone through a Bad Phase in my Life.

When I was Struggling with my Physique.

I didn't give up and continuously Read Books, Watch Videos & Experiment Different Diets & Training Routines.

Applied all that knowledge to my body and got Incredible Results & Sometimes Not.

I firmly Believe in Practical Knowledge, not on a Theoretical one.

I always First Apply the knowledge on Myself, until or unless I don't get the Results.

I don't pass it to Someone else.

My Goal is to Go for Natural Gains, through Proper Nutrition & Workouts,

Long-term Gains are always far much Better than Short-term Appreciation.

To be Fit & Healthy is not always about to Look Good, Or to Win any Competition or Impress Girls on a beach.

It's about our own Well Being, with a Bright Future.

Most Importantly, We want to Pass to Our Future Generations.

Success doesn't have a Shortcut, it's just another Better Way of Living Your Life.

No matter What the Outcome is, if You are Doing a Right thing in your Own Eyes, You are Successful my Friend.

This is the most Important Lesson of the Life, which I have Learned.

           My Personal Training Record on a Natural Diet:

T barrow - 400 pounds

Deadlift - 450 pounds

Front Squats - 250 pounds

Back Squats - 450 pounds

 Bench Press - 200 pounds


My Biggest Obstacle In front of My Fitness Goal 


I was a Skinny Hard Gainer, but I didn't give up.

My height is 5"11 & I weight 165 lbs Lean, Athletic & Muscular, after 3 years of my training just by doing compound movements on Heavyweights.

I also do isolation movements but my focus is always to increase my Strength & Power.

Compound exercises will definitely increase the size of your muscles by increasing the quantity of  Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers.

Bodybuilding is just to give a proper shape & symmetry to the muscle.

Trained every Single Day, with Just One Purpose in my Mind to Change Myself.

To Be Better Each & Every Day.

Slowly and Steadily a Pattern Developed in my Life, that is No Matter What is happening around the world.

I Must Train Myself, Day in and Day out.

I Believe in Real Gains with a  Good Nutrition & Proper Workout Plan.

Everyone Should Try there Level Best, to Reach their Natural Limits First.

I have a Dream inside me to get the Desired Body Naturally, so that I can be able to Justify, my Potential up to my Limits.

Still, I am Progressing Towards My,  Purpose Each & Every Single Day. 

I thought why not take You Fitness Freaks with me,o that I can also Learn Something from your Experiences.

" Die Before You Die! "

That's what I Believe in, To Give My 100 %, No Matter What Happens.

I want to Help Each & Every one of You to Achieve your Fitness Goals, with the Help of my Knowledge & Experience.


What do I want To Share On This Website?


I am a Freelance Personal Trainer & Nutritionist & have tried each & every exercise & diet on my own body.

In Reality, nowadays trainers don't know Anything about Basics of Training & Nutrition.

They simply Suggest shit stuff to Beginners & earn their Commission.

Beginners also don't ask questions & Blindly Follow these so called Gurus.

This is how the Business Grows, especially India.

This is a Biggest Piece of Crap of Fitness Industry in India.

I am sure Everyone must also have Gone through, all this stuffs & Wasted a lot of your money.

If they haven't gone, then I am sure they will Find a One very soon, if they will not Educate themselves.

This website talks about the Real Natural Methods to Gain Muscle Or Loose Body Fat, without even injecting or Digesting any creepy stuff into your body.

As I said, I Believe in Real & Natural Gains.

Real Life Experiences is the one, which Transforms You into Life.

I want to Share my Experience with,  each & every one of the Fitness Freak, present around the world Like Me & You.

All of the people who are, Passionate About Fitness & also want to Learn every single day, not only just to look good but to change them into a Better Person.

Don't Worry about the Compliments from others, but First of all, Learn to Appreciate & Compliment Yourself.

Nothing comes at once, you must have a Strong Desire, Dedication, Patience, Passion, Good Mentor and a Vision for Your Dreams.

If you have all of these Attributes, inside you then Nothing can Stop you to achieve your Dreams in Life.

No matter what path or career you are Dreaming.

I hope you got my True Intention, Behind this Website & I want your Complete Support for this Purpose.

Let's Change the World, by Changing, First of all, Ourselves, All The Best!

" Never Under Estimate The Power To Change Yourself & Never Over-Estimate the Power To Change Others "




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